New to Yoga – what to wear to yoga class

Deciding What to Wear to Yoga Class

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing clothes to practice in is comfort. You want to feel comfortable to move with ease. You want clothes that will allow you to bend, twist, fold forward, lunge, invert, and sweat.

My (female) typical yoga clothes.

Do wear

  • Stretchy materials that provide extra give so that you can bend, move, and twist with ease.
  • Breathable fabrics that will wick away your sweat and keep you (relatively) cool and dry.
  • A sleeveless or short sleeve shirt because you will probably get pretty warm during class and you want flexibility for your arms and shoulders to move freely.

Don’t wear

  • Stiff clothes (e.g., jeans) which will confine your movement.
  • Bulky clothes (e.g., thick sweat pants) which will bunch up and get in the way.
  • Loose clothes which may leave you exposed. A good way to test this one is to try going into a forward fold or downward facing dog and seeing if your shirt lifts or your pants slide down, revealing more than you may want to. If you like wearing a loose shirt, you can always tuck it in.
An example of men’s yoga clothes.

For men

A lot of guys I talk to don’t want to wear the spandex that many women choose to wear to yoga class. Based on conversations with my boyfriend and other men who take my classes, a fitted t-shirt and basketball/running shorts are usually the man’s garments of choice.

Yoga is NOT a fashion show.

In my opinion, the best yoga apparel provides breathability, stretch, comfort, and coverage. Remember, yoga class is NOT a fashion show. Focus on being comfortable.

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